Connected Kerb – Concept Installation Design


Connected Kerb approached eSmart Networks to carry out the concept design and consultancy work for the launch of an innovative new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point solution. Our experience of delivering EV charging points allowed us to quickly understand Connected Kerb’s needs and realise their vision of a standardised set of installation drawings. These drawings now assist with the assessment and pricing of future installation opportunities.


  • Development of standardised design concepts that would work with a wide range of unique installation scenarios
  • Flexibility to work with Connected Kerb to update the concept designs whilst the charge point design itself evolved
  • Enhance Connected Kerb’s new product roll out using our previous experience


A number of relevant installation scenarios were identified. This allowed layout drawings to be produced and cable sizing calculations to be performed to fit a multitude of possible installations. A range of grid supply conditions were studied, allowing the limitations for different cable sizes to be explored and look-up tables produced to enable Connected Kerb to estimate the cable size required for a site at feasibility stage, once the details of the supply are known.

Standardised feeder pillar designs were completed to match the installation scenarios considered. This included optimisation of feeder pillar size – based upon whether a single phase or three phase supply is available for the installation.


The concept designs have provided Connected Kerb with a standardised installation concept which simplifies the assessment and pricing of potential installation opportunities.

Delivery of Connected Kerb installations will progress with less risk to budget and schedule, as a realistic expectation of what is feasible at any given site is established from the outset, prior to detailed site-specific design.


  • Consultancy and Concept designs for standardised installations of 7.3kW chargers.
  • Cable sizing
  • Feeder pillar specification
  • Supply earthing considerations and impact on installation
  • Rapid turnaround of initial concept designs for discussion with client.

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eSmart Networks provided us with a flexible and responsive service. I was impressed with how quickly draft concept designs were ready for review. eSmart Networks really understood our needs and provided exactly what was required to support our project. Their expertise and experience with EV charging installations was self-evident.


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