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Our client approached us with a requirement for a full turnkey service for a 50kw rapid charger installation but Installation works were being held up within wayleave dispute between the local DNO and the Supermarket landowner.


  • Due to the type of installation the local DNO required a wayleave agreement over the new asset to be laid. 
  • The supermarket required some changes to be made with the DNO’s standard wayleave, but the DNO had refused to work under the amended agreement. 


eSmart Networks introduced a trusted IDNO, who agreed to own the asset under the landowners’ amended wayleave agreement.

Our inhouse design team completed full design for both DNO and IDNO approval. Once approved by all parties works where able to commence to allow for works to proceed on a site which was previously stuck on hold.


By working with trusted IDNO’s, who are flexible to work under landowner specific wayleave agreements we identified a workable solution for our customer. This enabled all ICP works to be completed as well as full charger installation, testing and commissioning – ready for public use within the supermarket’s timeframes. 


  • 1 x 50KW Rapid Charger Supply with Grid Connection.  
  • Wayleave negotiation and working with both DNO and IDNO.  
  • Challenges resolved ensuring installation completed within supermarket’s timeframes

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