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eSmart Networks were appointed by Engie EV Solutions to install a 50KW rapid, on a major route as part of the Genie Point roll out of rapid chargers.


  • The project required Grid upgrade works on the opposite side of the A1 to site.
  • The site was an in-progress construction site, where a new Starbucks and HGV filling station where being constructed, by other contractors.


We used our pre-existing relationships and worked closely with the DNO to ensure third-party wayleaves regarding land access progressed in a timely manner. An existing agreement was identified between the DNO and the third-party which was utilised to improve the speed of delivery.

Our teams worked closely with other onsite contractors to determine their live dates and programme of works, enabling us to work in accordance to their groundworks. This avoided late installation and any disruption to live dates.


Full completion of installation, testing and reinstatement of the EV charger works was completed in line with the coffee store and HGV filling station being complete. This way the sites services opened to the public together ensuring a smooth launch for our customer and the site owner.


  • 1 x 50KW Rapid Charger
  • Grid Connection upgrade
  • Completed by our teams
    • Design
    • Civils
    • Electrical install
    • Commissioning
  • 3rd party legals
  • Works programmed in line with construction of new service station

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