National Supermarket – Retro-Fit Framework, Phase 1


eSmart Networks were tasked with reviewing and assessing over 50 supermarket sites for EV Charge point feasibility to better understand the options at each location. From here we prioritised those sites where works could commence in the shortest timeframe.


  • To identify feasibility and speed of delivery requirements
  • Establishing a plan to meet a turn-out of 50 live sites in around 9 months
  • Agreeing that the connection size be reduced from 70 to 69kVA allowing connections under the supermarket’s agreed template for self-assessment


We carried out initial ‘desk-top’ surveys to establish the availability and location of connection points to the DNO network.

In addition, this assessment took account of various other factors affecting on-site works to establish the ease and pace at which each site could be delivered, these included;

  • Proximity to our preferred bays to receive charge points
  • Maintaining access to live car parks during work operations
  • Working around existing electrical installations and street furniture within the car parks (e.g. lighting columns and illuminated signage)
  • Land ownership and 3rd party wayleaves, avoiding these wherever possible

The agreement to reduce the connection size allowed us to progress connection agreements under the supermarket’s agreed template for self-assessment and greatly reduced the time taken to achieve these.


We provided a schedule of all proposed sites, annotated with site-specific details and colour-coded to give a ‘traffic-light’ schedule indicating the ease and likely cost profile of each location. This gave a clear pathway to achieve the quickest possible turn-around and a depth of understanding for each site to support future development.


  • Over 50 existing stores in and around London for retrofit of EV charge points.
  • ICP connection to DNO network and associated civils work, up to and including Feeder Pillar with internal circuitry (switchgear etc).

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