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eSmart Networks were appointed by Osprey Charging to solve the complexities of designing and installing a rapid charging hub within a multi-storey carpark. The project forms part of their drive to help businesses and residents reduce their CO2 emissions and maximise the benefits of the ULEZ. TFL part funded the project. Funding was approved at the end of November with a targeted completion date of Christmas.


  • Location was inside a busy multi-story carpark that had to be kept fully operational.
  • The carpark’s existing electrical supply did not have sufficient capacity for the chargers and was PME earthed.
  • Very short lead-time to start onsite and installation time.


eSmart Networks upgraded the incoming supply to the area to facilitate the increased load for charging. When the final connection was made the existing carpark was kept live via temporary power to avoid the need to close the car park or limit any services.

LV switchgear was custom built to reduce the lead-time and achieve the required start onsite.
A bespoke earthing design also ensured the EV charging hub is fully compliant.


The project was delivered on time with the onsite installation taking 2 weeks. The final connection that involved the temporary disconnection of the existing multi-storey carpark was completed on a Saturday evening to minimise the disruption to the customer and carpark users. The multi-story carpark itself saw no downtime due to the temporary arrangements made.

Because eSmart Networks carried out the full works, this drastically reduced the timescales – the entire project was completed within a shorter timescale than that of a normal DNO grid connection.

The speed of this project enabled the chargers to be live as soon as possible and enables Osprey Charging to start seeing a return on their investment as soon as possible.


  • 6 x 50kW Rapid Chargers
  • Grid Connection upgrade
  • Completed by our teams
    • Design
    • Civils
    • Electrical install
    • Commissioning
  • 2 weeks onsite construction
  • Bespoke LV arrangement
  • Multi story carpark remained fully operational throughout

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Delivered on-time to the highest quality. The entire project team went over and above to deliver this project.


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