Are you a Data Centre Developer?

eSmart Networks are experts at connecting you to the grid.

As the data centre market in the UK is growing and transforming, the challenge of managing power needs and ensuring sustainability remains a constant concern.

Working closely with our specialist Grid Consultancy team, we analyse the network data to secure your capacity, meet your power requirements and advise on electricity supply for both current and future demand.

Data Centres rely on significant infrastructure to support both hardware and software operations. Our expert Grid Consultancy team have the expertise to pinpoint suitable locations for the distribution and transmission of electricity supply, through designing, constructing and commissioning the network infrastructure.

eSmart Networks is your dedicated Independent Connection Provider (ICP) for all your electrification needs.

As a market-leading Independent Connection Provider (ICP), eSmart Networks have the in-house expertise and proficiency to help Data Centre Developers connect to the grid in the most cost effective and time efficient way.

Data Centre Turnkey Solutions

One of the key factors in the successful delivery of our projects is the early-stage engagement with our clients. When your grid connection is likely to be the critical path risk to your overall Data Centre projects, don’t leave it to luck, leave it to the experts at eSmart Networks.

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Navigate The Process

Developers face many challenges as they plan a development from inception, manage the design, engage with relevant stakeholders and see the project through all stages, working with third parties, to completion.
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Grid Studies

We analyse the DNO Network to secure the most cost-effective point of connection, looking out for any third-party land issues that could put your programme at risk.
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Design Value Engineering

A cost-effective solution, ensuring the correct DNO/IDNO grid infrastructure has been designed for your project requirements.
What contributes to the success of our projects?

Innate Insight

Our inherent understanding of the grid, driven by our expert team of Grid Consultants, complemented by our widely experienced in-house civil and electrical design teams, positions eSmart Networks as an accredited Independant Connections provider (ICP) capable of delivering the most optimal solution for your critical data centre projects.

Initial Phase Collaboration

A crucial element for the effective execution of our projects involves engaging with our clients at project inception.

Participating in a project from its conceptual design phase enables us to oversee and coordinate utility interactions, leading to a substantial reduction in both design and procurement timeframes.

Grid Consultancy Expertise

Our Grid Consultancy team can analyse the local grid to a high degree of detail to identify capacity, constraints or blockers to your project before any cost outlay on the development costs. 

By bringing our collective knowledge and experience of networks, we can easily manage the interface with the local grid operator from the first touch point right through the full lifecycle of your project, helping to mitigate any risks associated with the grid connection programme and costs.

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What is an Independant Connection Provider (ICP)?

An Independent Connections Provider (ICP) refers to a recognized company capable of constructing electricity networks to meet the specific standards and quality necessary for acceptance by either a DNO, like UK Power Networks, or an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO).

How does using an ICP benefit me as a data centre developer?

Involving an ICP offers numerous advantages, such as expediting connection times, ensuring cost-effectiveness, leveraging specialized expertise, having the flexibility to select a provider, and receiving customized solutions for your unique connection requirements.

What Is An Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO)?

An Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) is a certified organisation that has a broader role compared to an Independent Connection Provider (ICP). Once the IDNO constructs a regional electricity network, it retains ownership of the local network and assumes responsibility for maintenance as well as round-the-clock fault repairs.

What Is The National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS)?

National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS). As part of an ongoing process to introduce competition to the electrical service market, eSmart Networks operate the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) on behalf of the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). NERS is managed by Lloyds Accreditation.

What are Contestable Works?

Contestable Works: Connection works that can be carried out by eSmart Networks an Independant Connections Provider (ICP). You have a choice when deciding who shall complete these elements of your connection.

What are Non-Contestable Works?

Non-Contestable Works: These are connection works that must be performed exclusively by the host Distribution Network Operator (DNO). In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the distribution network. Furthermore, as an ICP, you cannot select another entity to carry out these specific aspects of your connection. As a result, it is required by law for the DNO to handle them.

What is High Voltage (HV)?

In the UK, “high voltage” (HV) refers to electrical voltage levels above the standard home voltage of 230 volts. It is commonly used in industrial applications, power transmission, and distribution networks.

High voltage systems are regulated by organisations like National Grid Electricity Transmission and local distribution network operators. Subsequently ensuring safe, reliable transmission and distribution of electricity, consequently following safety standards and regulations.

What is Extra High Voltage (EHV)?

EHV stands for Extra High Voltage. It refers to the highest voltage levels used in electrical power transmission systems, ranging from 345 kV to 1200 kV. Providing the long distance delivery of electricity with reduced losses.


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