Developing our People

We are passionate about self-development. This means that every member of our team is encouraged to participate in regular events designed to build on professional knowledge as well as personal awareness. These can take the form of team building days, or informal presentations to ensure all of the team are kept up to date with all required regulations and corporate governance requirements.

We also sponsor individual employees to complete our unique academic programs covering commercial and business strategies as well as management development.

Our Supply Chain

As a Group we have been well respected within our local community for the last 40 years and we continue to give back, by hand picking the best suppliers as local as possible to our projects.

This way we can keep revenue local and also to cut down on the environmental impact of lengthy transportation.

Involving Your Community

When it comes to implementing our projects, our site teams cover the entire UK.

We undertake to inform all relevant local communities about the works that we intend to carry out in order to minimise disruption and encourage communication between our site teams, local residents and businesses.

Health, Safety & Welfare

As a construction-based company, health and safety has to be our highest priority in order to protect our employees and the public. We are proud to hold an extremely high Health & Safety record and are continuously striving to improve on our health and safety measures wherever possible. We are very proud of our OHSAS 18001.

Alongside this we also pioneer employee welfare measures to ensure that all of our team members, whether site based or office based are supported in their mental health and emotional welfare. We work with initiatives such as Mates In Mind to offer support and training, as well as offering flexible working for those who need it.

Our management teams undertake regular Workforce MOTs not only to ensure that our employees are fully supported but also to provide a safe space for open communication.

Sustainable Construction

We believe that Sustainable construction should be the underlying principle that governs all of our decision making from design to construction. In this way sustainable construction provides the foundation for decisions across departments whether that means sourcing sustainable materials, minimising deliveries to sites, or reducing waste to landfill.

As a business we continue to promote sustainable construction through education programs, client awareness and through our communications with local communities.

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