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eSmart Networks Delivers Westbourne Park Depot Electrification

eSmart Networks leads the delivery of electrification to Westbourne Park bus depot.

The team enabled our customers to operate another electric bus route from this depot with another 20x 80kW Bus Chargers. They completed the works well ahead of the program, despite the challenges.

Our teams faced some particularly unique challenges at this site because the chargers were installed on an elevated bus platform. The bus platform is above a railway and below the A40 Westway, which created various civil and electrical complexities.

The works are split over two levels, with the HV switchgear positioned below the deck and all of the charging infrastructure above. Therefore, we designed a scheme that allowed for easy maintenance while providing clear access around all areas of the deck. Additionally, we had to work around restrictions that only permitted limited penetration to attach our chargers, armco, and walkway to the existing concrete deck. We designed, procured, and installed a new type of fixing to facilitate this, all while co-ordinating our work alongside a fully operating bus depot.

Furthermore, our civil design, electrical design, and operational teams demonstrated their multi-disciplinary talent in overcoming these complex electrical, civil, and practical challenges.

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