Paper developed by eSmart Networks to support EVANI

The Chair of the Electric Vehicle Association Northern Ireland (EVANI) sat down with the eSmart Networks team early in the summer of 2022 to discuss EV charging infrastructure in Northern Ireland (NI), with a particular focus on grid related challenges.

The frustrations of EV drivers, with regards to EV charging infrastructure in Northern Ireland, are well documented, largely through the work of EVANI as well as various statistics published by relevant public bodies and statutory agencies.

Our discussions on the grid-related challenges facing EV charging infrastructure development in NI led to the request from EVANI to have some of the key information, along with further detail, compiled into a summary paper.

We hope that, sharing our expertise through this paper, will assist decision-makers and stakeholders in creating the conditions necessary to enable further progress on EV infrastructure in Northern Ireland.

View the paper we prepared for EVANI HERE

You can find our podcast episode regarding EV Infrastructure in Northern Ireland HERE

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