Meet Orla Bell, Senior Civil Design Engineer

During ‘Women in Construction Week’ and on ‘International Women’s Day’ we’d like to introduce you to Orla Bell our Senior Civil Design Engineer. She shares some insights into a typical working day, balancing her work and daily life and what she loves most about her role.

– How did you get into the engineering/construction sector? 
I love nature and the outdoors. The prospect of being able to work outdoors was very appealing to me from a young age, so although I spend a lot of time at my computer too, being able to incorporate the outside into my jobs as I have developed my career has been great.

– What does your average day entail?
After my morning routine which includes some exercise and family time, my workday often begins with research and background reading, currently, that’s around DNO specs. Then its juggle time – meetings, phone calls, colleagues’ queries, all with a view to progressing numerous projects and problem-solving issues so they each move towards successful completion.

– What do you love most about your job?
I love that in my job I get to learn, listen, and encourage. I love seeing tasks and projects through to completion and I enjoy the ensuing job satisfaction. I love the flexible working that’s available so that my work life balance is sensible and guilt-free.

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