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Your Electric Fleet

Cost reduction, Carbon reduction and tax incentives are driving the biggest conversion of transport and delivery fleets we have seen in a generation, with the internal combustion engine (ICE) giving way to cleaner electrical vehicles.

eSmart Networks design and install end to end solutions for vehicle fleets – including busses, last mile delivery fleets and white vans. We’re equipment agnostic, so can offer the solution that suits you and your requirements best.

We have carried out grid connections and high powered EV charging integration for the electrification of bus routes. In addition, we can deploy battery technology to reduce the costs of grid connections and utilise any onsite PV generation.

Because we have access to the Distribution Networks Operator cables records, asset data and operational diagrams, we can quickly access the viability and likely costs of getting new grid connections. These feasibility reports quickly identify costs, constraints and ‘quick wins’ for multiple sites.

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