Hanson Services Ltd – Basement Substation, Royston


Hanson Services Ltd are a developer who had purchased a plot in the view to renovate it into 3 Commercial units and 11 Apartments. To accommodate the new units, a new connection was required for the increase in load that was required.


  • The original offer was for an LV POC that required 3rd Party Legals
  • Basement Substations design requirements
  • Installation of electrical equipment into a basement


The originally identified offsite cable route required an easement through some third-party land. Due to the requested costs from this third-party landowner being too high, the project initially became unfeasible.

eSmart Networks presented a solution of installing a substation on site. The new connection was much closer to site and removed the expense of crossing the land.

There was an unused room in the basement that with some comprehensive design work, was suitable for the installation of a new substation.

Careful consideration was required of both the DNO and IDNO design specifications as well as the M&E requirements.

This solution pulled heavily on our in-house civil and tactical engineering experience. eSmart Networks advised the client throughout the project to ensure that the room was constructed to specifications and no delays or issues arose through the commissioning process.

Our team designed easy access for the electrical equipment, meaning that a HIAB could deliver onto a loading bay, then the equipment could be picked up by hoist on a running beam, dropped through an access hatch, onto rollers and into position. This will also make future maintenance far easier.


eSmart Networks assisted the client in the construction of the substation room, including value engineering some of the elements in order to save the customer money – this resulted in the project being delivered inside the original budget for the LV connection. Due to the high-quality installation, the audit undertaken by UKPN passed with no further action required, allowing the connection to also be completed on time.


  • New 315kVA Substation
    • Detailed design
    • Off-site Civils and TM
    • Electrical Install
    • Full Commissioning
  • 2-week site installation
  • Bespoke design to accommodate the room

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Testimonial quote

The eSmart Networks Team were great from start to finish. The project looked untenable when the UKPN solution required a large payment to a third-party. eSmart Networks offered an alternative solution which gave us a larger connection for a cheaper price. The communication and support throughout the project was fantastic and we look forward to working with them again.

John Hanson, Director Hanson Services Ltd

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