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IONITY was established by a number of major car manufacturers with a clear focus on providing a dedicated network of High Power Charging (HPC) parks throughout Europe to make long distance EV travel feasible. This project is part of this vision and includes installing a new HV connection on site adjacent to an existing fuel station. These are the first 350KW chargers to be installed on a fuel station in Scotland.


  • Working as Principal Contractor on a remote site
  • The site was categorised as a hot-site – meaning minimum segregation between the HV and LV networks
  • Design and installation of equipment designed by the manufacturers to a European standard.


eSmart Networks had a full-time supervisor posted to the site with periodic visits by delivery managers.

Due to the hot nature of the site, a detailed earthing study was completed by our design team, with a solution engineered to keep costs as low as possible and ensure a design accepted by the DNO. Without this technical support, it would have been extremely difficult for the client to produce a commercially feasible design that the DNO would also accept.

Although the equipment supplied by the client was designed to conform to European standards, our skilled installation team was able to engineer on-site methods to allow swift and effective installation.


Our scope of work was delivered on time, to high quality and eSmart Networks has since been awarded 6 projects throughout the country.

The quality of the installation allowed for the chargers to be commissioned immediately with no down-time. This enabled the customer to earn a return on their investment straight away.


  • 4 x 350KW DC Chargers (can be expanded to 6)
  • 8 x ABB Power Cabinets
  • 1 x Bespoke LV Pillar
  • 1 x Transformer
    • Detailed Design
    • Principal Contractor
    • Civils
    • Electrical install
    • Full Commissioning
  • 8 weeks onsite construction
  • Bespoke LV arrangement
  • First HPC (High Powered Charger) Hub in Scotland

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